Global Village Creative is dedicated to fulfilling the mandate "make every performance better than the last". With the musical expertise of founder, Levon Ichkhanian, the GVC Team is able to identify up front the needs for each job and provides a full range of services including music contracting/co-ordination, music librarian services, music orchestration and arrangments, musical direction and backline.

GVC develops and maintains great relationships with production management, orchestra, other departments in the company, acting as a liaison between all resulting in a smooth running show. Having established an excellent working relationship with Unions across Canada, GVC is able to negotiate and discuss issues that benefit both the musician and producer alike.

Working with GVC ensures that budgets are accurate and up to date using correct Union rates; musician payroll, pension contributions and Union dues are maintained and paid on time; and musician schedules are organized and managed keeping in-line with production needs including impromptu calls and changes / adjustments to the schedule.

Global Village Creative is well connected in the music / arts community and knows how to bring people and projects together.

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